COSMIC LABS is guided by a team of eminent scientists from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the premier institution for science & engineering research and higher learning.

Prof B.N. Raghunandan

B. Tech. (Hons.) (IIT-B), Ph.D (IISc), FNAE, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Dean of Engineering, IISc, is an expert in combustion and propulsion, atomization and spray formation in propulsive devices & space propulsion systems. He has over 200 research publications, 80 technical reports & several book reviews to his credit and has delivered several invited lectures. He has guided more than 50 Masters/ Doctoral students. He is entrusted with the task of developing the second campus of IISc in Karnataka. Earlier, he was the Chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, the Chairman of the Earth & Environmental Sciences Division, IISc, ASTRA, EMCB Panel of Armament Board, and Coordinator of the Propulsion Panel of AR&DB and the Convener of the Space Technology Cell, IISc. He was a Visiting Scientist in the University of Leeds and Imperial College, London. He was an International Scholar in Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan and Visiting Professor at SSRC Aleppo. He has represented India in the International Society for Air-breathing Engines. ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, DST, IIST, IITs and many other institutions often seek his expertise.

Prof E. S. Dwarakadasa

B.Sc., B. E., M. Sc. (Engg.), Ph.D (IISc), FNAE, formerly Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, IISc. He has authored over 180 papers and has written over 16 books and monographs. He has been honored with the Best Metallurgist Award by the Ministry of Steel and Mines, Govt. of India and the Indian Institute of Metals in 1990. He was awarded the Metaserve International Award for excellence in electron microscopy by the Institute of Metallurgists, London, in 1980, Hindustan Zinc Gold Medal in 2000 and NALCO Gold Medal in 2006.

Mr. B.V. Suresh Kumar

B.Sc., B.E., M.E. (IISc), has more than 20 years experience in managing and executing several projects in USA and India. After working with various companies in USA, he started a management consulting company called CSI in USA and successfully ran the company for 10 years. After his return from USA, he, along with others, started Antares in 1997 in Bangalore for developing software products for Indian & overseas markets. Antares offers products like Tender Wizard, Banking Wizard, SPECS & others for several verticals and provides consultancy & outsourcing services to various US clients.

Dr. Vyasa Shastry

B.E. (NITK), Ph.D (IISc), formerly Research Associate, Department of Materials Engineering, IISc. He has expertise in shape memory alloys, bulk metallic glasses, carbon nanotubes, hydroxyapatite etc. Several of his research findings have been published in many reputed international journals. He has had research collaborations with Rolls Royce PLC, (UK), Boeing co. (USA), General Motors, GTRE and BARC amongst others.

Ms. Vidya V Shastry

B.E. (Mech) She has the experience in design & development, mechanical, metallurgical, non-destructive, environmental & physical testing, AS 9100D, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025, Indian Boiler Regulations, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 based Quality Management Systems, statutory & regulatory compliance, etc.

Dr. C.V. Shastry

B.Sc., B.E., M.E., Ph.D (IISc), formerly with Drexel Univ., U. Conn. medical centre and a Square D company (all in USA). His areas of expertise include contract R&D; design, development & fabrication of production machinery; dissimilar metal welding; electro foil manufacturing; failure analysis & accident investigation; high velocity impact behavior of steels; materials testing & characterization; mechanical behavior of materials (-186°C to 1200°C); product benchmarking & documentation; prototype development, assessment, validation & pilot production; reliability, safety & service life assessment; remnant life assessment (RLA) and litigation & claims related testing; simulation studies; thermo mechanical processing of ß-Ti alloys; type testing; unidirectional solidification; waste utilization & others. His projects on ß- titanium alloys, development & fabrication of manufacturing machinery and several failure analysis & others have resulted in several benefits- the development, manufacture & use of dental implants, development and manufacture of superior quality production machinery and helped companies reduce defects, rejects & waste, improve quality & productivity, thus save time and money for customers.


What we have done

We started Cosmic in 1987. Over the years, we have:

♦ Conducted 100+ product specific performance assessments & simulation studies

♦ Developed & assessed several prototypes

♦ Investigated & analyzed 1000+ failures & accidents

♦ Organized a two-day workshop (participated by top scientists from various Govt. & defence organizations, research institutions & industry) on "Facing the Materials challenge" at NIAS, IISc, to understand the issues relating to materials research, development & manufacture

♦ Provided service to 2000+ companies -- PSUs, MNCs, LSIs, SMEs in every sector

♦ Tested several thousand components, materials & products for quality, specification compliance,performance and service life

♦ Visited 3000+ companies in south India to understand their concerns, needs and requirements


The studies at Cosmic revealed the following:

A. Failure and accident related

♦ ∼ 35% of the failures & accidents are due to materials aspects

♦ ∼ 30% due to manufacturing process/ technology aspects

♦ ∼ 15% due to design, specification & quality assessment aspects

♦ ∼ 12% due to maintenance, overuse & service conditions aspects

♦ ∼ 8% due to lack of training, skill, negligence & other factors

B. Quality related

Defects, rejects, rework, malfunctioning, waste, non-compliance and low productivity were due to:

♦ Inadequate knowledge (expertise, know- how, know- why & technology) of materials & materials behavior during manufacturing, application & service

♦ Lack of developing detailed step- by- step process documents & complying to it during manufacturing and at various stages of supply chain

♦ Not considering an integrated approach, limiting the assessments and taking decisions in isolation

Developing & manufacturing Brand India products involves nurturing talent, shaping ideas and engineering vision & wisdom. It requires making an integrated approach to design & development, materials, R &D, product development, product engineering, technology proving, product performance assessment, manufacturing etc.

Needs of the industry

The industry is longing to develop & manufacture superior products, reduce waste & cost and compete globally. It is looking for expertise, technology, know how, know why, facilities & services in

♦ Analyzing failures, investigating defects, rejects & accidents and assessing products

♦ Materials & material behavior during manufacturing, applications & service

♦ Product engineering, pilot production, scale up engineering, mass production & productivity

♦ Prototype design, development, engineering, machining, fabrication, assembly, assessment & validation

♦ Staff knowledge, skill & competence development support

♦ Time bound, result oriented, cost effective contract R & D service to innovate & improve--all at one source

What we are after

We want to use our education & expertise to address the quality, technology & cost related issues. We have started our journey with an ambitious goal. We are determined to grow as a Knowledge Center (Lab + Engineering Center + Technology Center - all under one roof) with Competence & Credibility. We wish to meet the engineering, materials, quality & technology needs of the industry in all sectors and help develop & manufacture superior products at affordable cost. Materials based engineering products are our first priority. Plant based natural products are next. We have set sky - high targets. We are committed to work single mindedly to achieve our goals & targets. Your support and patronage will make a big difference and help us serve the society better. It will be an honor.

Thank you