Customers & Sectors

Customers are many & vary. They include MNCs, PSUs, LSIs, SMEs, business, service sector companies and others in following sectors :


Manufacturers of buses, cars, earth moving equipment, MUVs, tractors, trucks, two wheelers etc.


Manufacturers & users of aircraft- cargo, civil, defence etc.

Banks and insurance

Accident, breakdown, burglary, fire incident etc.


Exporters, importers, retailers, traders, wholesalers etc.

Chemicals and fertilizers

Inorganic, organic etc.


Architects, builders, contractors, developers, structural engineers etc.


Air force, army, border security, coast guard, defence labs, navy, police etc.

Education & research

Engineering, medical & dental colleges, laboratories, research institutions etc.

Electronics & communication

Manufacturers & users of electronic equipment & components etc.


Manufacturers of cement, fabrication, machining, material handling etc.


Departments of agriculture, aquaculture, floriculture, horticulture etc.

Food processing

Bakeries, beverages, dairies, food processing units etc.


Boiler boards, customs, enforcement agencies, excise department, fire department, regulatory bodies etc.

Healthcare & hospitality

Equipment manufacturers, hospitals, hotels etc.


Bridges, highways, ports, power transmission, roads etc.


Consumer protection bodies, courts etc.


Manufacturers, research labs, workshops etc.

Mining, mineral processing and primary metal manufacturing

Aluminium, copper, iron & steel, titanium etc.

Paper & textile

Manufacturers of cardboards, fiberboards, textiles etc.


Biomass plants, electricity boards, hydroelectric plants, manufacturers of solar panels, water heaters, windmills etc.

Publishers, printers and media

Books, currency, newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations etc.


Automotive, aviation, defence, engineering, healthcare etc.


Manufacturers and suppliers of components & machinery.


Air, rail, road, sea etc.

Water and sewage

Boards, bottled water, pumping stations, water suppliers etc.

Customer Benefits

One stop service

1. Availability of multi- disciplinary technical expertise

2. Execution of challenging assignments which are not undertaken by other labs

3. Wide range of service under one roof, which helps customers save money and time

Speed & efficiency

Every enquiry/ communication /visitor

1. Is responded within hours and delivered on time each time as per schedule

2. Is responded within hours and delivered on time each time as per customer schedule


1. We make integrated approach to address all issues w.r.t cost, quality & service life

2. We address specified, not specified & required aspects in every assignment.

Value addition

1. Where required and where possible, make value addition

For your every rupee you will get back multiples in value. It is a commitment.