We test & assess a wide variety of materials, components & products

Accident/ Insurance claims

Electronic goods warehouse, extrusion die, godowns of agricultural produce such as areca nut, tobacco & turmeric, jewellery shop, LPG line, textile shop, transmission tower etc.


Cables, conrods, clutch assembly, clutch plates, cylinder heads, fuel level indicators, helical springs, horns, leaf springs, piston caps, seats, tag axles etc.

Aviation & space

Aircraft gears, combustion chambers, finger seals, hollow cathode tubes, parachutes, satellite launch pad anchor bolts, turbines etc.

Civil construction

Aggregates, bricks, building hardware, cement, channels, concrete, doors, floor tiles, GI sheets, granite cutting segments, hollow & solid blocks, painted panels, pipes, soil investigation, soil load bearing capacity, windows etc.

Consumer products

Bottles, cameras, cooking ranges, electrical appliances, fluid dispensers, furniture, jewellery, refrigerators, sanitary items, solar water heaters, washing machines, watches etc.

Crime investigation

Burglary, counterfeiting, forced entry etc.

Earth moving

Buckets, hydraulic boom cylinders, o-rings, seals, seats, valves etc.

Electronics & controls

Cables, connectors, contacts, control panels, fluxes, harness, printed circuit boards, printers, sensors & controls, solders, switches, switchboards, thinners, transducers etc.


Boiler furnace plates, boiler tubes, condenser heads, energy meters, EVA, generators, heat exchangers, hydro turbine, insulation tapes, insulators, solar panels, transformer oil, transformers, windmill blades etc.

Food processing

Aerosol cans, cams, cartons, containers, conveyer chains, fluid containers, grinding media, heat exchangers, paper boxes, tacos, tissues etc.

Health care

Center sections, detergents, lullaby warmer units, patient tables, soaps, ultra sound scanners, wrist bands etc.


Gears, shafts, wheels, window panes etc.


Castings, forgings, forging dies, metal working & forming tools, welds, wrought products etc.

Packaging materials

Adhesives, adhesive tapes, bubble wraps, cans, cardboards, corrugated boards, fiberboards, fluid containers, foams, paper boards, plastic sheets & films, thermocole etc.

Apart from sector specific products, we test & assess ceramics, chemicals, coal, coatings, coke, composites, foams, foils, forgings, fuels, gears, glass, grease, leathers, lubricants, metals & alloys, minerals, oils, ores, plastics, plating solutions, platings, powder compacts, refractories, rubbers, steels, solvents, water etc.

Partial list of equipment

  • All sections
  • Environmental testing & reliability assessment
  • Machining & Fabrication Services
  • Mechanical testing
  • Metallurgical & non- destructive testing
  • Paint, water spray and packaging material testing
  • Physical & chemical testing
Corrosion, humidity, moist SO2 , salt mist spray, thermal cycling etc.

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Cutting, machining, milling, prototype component assessment, welding etc.




Prototype Component Assessment

Prototype Component Assessment

Prototype Component Assessment


  • 100 kN servo hydraulic axial fatigue testing machines (Dartec, Instron, & Nano) with provisions for bend, compression, flexure, load deflection, low temperature, high temperature, shear, tensile etc.
  • 1000 kN universal testing machine (bend, compression, flexure, load deflection, proof load, shear, tensile at high & low temperatures), 2000 kN compression testing machine, Charpy, Izod & drop impact (low & room temperatures), hardness testing machines (Brinell, Knoop, Rockwell, Vickers), spring endurance, torque testing etc.

Compression Testing

Dartec, Instron & Nano servohydraulic testing machines

Fatigue Testing


High Temperature Testing

Load Deflection Test

Low Temperature Testing

Spring Endurane Testing


Hardenability, liquid penetrant examination (LPE), magnetic crack detection (MPI), metallography, micro hardness, spectrometer, stereo microscopes etc.


Liquid Penetrant Examination (LPE)

Magnetic Crack Detection (MPI)

Magnetic Crack Detection (MPI)


Micro hardness


Stereo Microscope

Burst test, hose test, scratch hardness tester, tintometer, water jet test etc.

Burst Test

Hose Test

Packaging Material Testing

Scratch Hardness


Adhesion tester, bomb calorimeter, dropping point apparatus, electro analyzer, flame photometer, flash point, gloss reflectance meter, K.F titrator, millivolt titrator, penetrometer, pour point, Rams bottom & Conradson carbon residue, viscometers (Brookfield, Fords cup, Ostwald) etc.

Bomb Calorimeter

Electro analyzer

Flame photometer

Flash and fire point

Gloss reflectance meter

Rams bottom & Conradson Carbon residue