We Provide Three Types Of Services

Technical assessment of equipment, machinery, vehicles etc. to identify the reasons for defects, process deviations, rejects & waste during manufacturing and breakdowns during service life. Read More »

Determination of component/ product characteristics, dimensional measurements, materials testing, manufacturing process identification, drawing & specification development, prototype development, validation etc. Read More »

Technical information for assessing and deciding insurance claims due to accident, breakdowns, buyer- seller disputes, crime, failure, fire incidents etc. Read More »

Investigation and identification of root cause of failures (design, material factors, manufacturing processes, quality assessment, application, handling, maintenance, service conditions, user habits etc.) and suggesting corrective actions & preventive measures. Read More »

Performance, quality, reliability, safety and service life assessment of components and products under service conditions. Read More »

Design, development, engineering, fabrication, assembly, assessment and validation of components, products, sub-assemblies etc. Read More »

Testing for assessment of reliability, safety and remnant life of high value machinery and large structure – new & old. Read More »

Tests and studies are conducted as per ASTM, AWS, IEC, IS, ISO, MIL etc. as per customer requirement.

  • All sections
  • Chemical tests
  • Construction material tests
  • End product specific tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Metallurgical tests
  • Non- destructive tests
  • Oil & lubricant analysis
  • Physical tests

Chemical tests

Composition, RoHS, toxic metal, trace metal analysis etc.

Construction material tests

Air permeability, bend & re-bend, compression, concrete mix design, fineness, Los Angeles abrasion, pull out, setting time, soil density, soundness, tensile etc.

End product specific tests

Barrier impact, bump, endurance, impact, load, mechanical shock, pull out etc.

Environmental tests

Corrosion, drip, drop, dry heat, dust, hose down, humidity, IGC, salt mist spray, moist SO2 , thermal cycling, thermal shock etc.

Mechanical tests

Bend, burst, coating adhesion, compression, compression set, creep, endurance, fatigue, flexural, hardness, head soundness, high temperature, impact, load deflection, low temperature, micro hardness, proof load, ring tensile, shear, stress rupture, tear, tensile, torque, torsion, wear, wedge etc.

Metallurgical tests

Brazing & weld quality, case carburization, case depth, coating hardness, coating thickness, decarburization, grain size, Jominy end quench hardenability, HAZ, inclusions, in- situ metallography, macro structure, micro structure, residual stress, surface finish & roughness, weld bead dimensions etc.

Non- destructive tests

Liquid penetrant examination (LPE), magnetic particle inspection (MPI), ultrasonic, X-ray radiography etc.

Oil & lubricant analysis

Flash point, moisture, sediments, trace metals, viscosity etc.

Physical tests

Acid number, carbon residue, color, conductivity, copper mirror corrosion, copper strip corrosion, density, dimensions, distillation range, dropping point, electrical resistivity, fire point, flammability, flash point, hydrostatic pressure, gloss reflectance, gross & net calorific value, hydrostatic pressure, melting point, moisture, optical rotation, particle shape & size, pencil hardness, penetration, pH, pour point, refractive index, scratch hardness, sediment, vibration, viscosity, worked penetration etc.

Time-bound result -oriented R & D projects aimed at developing better & cost effective processes & products (processes involving blanking, deep drawing, fabrication, finishing, forming, heat treatment (ageing, annealing, hardening, tempering etc.), joining, machining, powder compacting, rolling, sintering, working etc.) Read More »

Assessment of manufacturing processes, process & product deficiency identification, process improvisation, specification development & documentation etc.

Process, technology & product development, pilot production, technology proving, transfer of expertise, know- how and know- why and technology. Read More »

We have developed arc, TIG and SAW welding processes for defence, locomotive, shipbuilding and structural applications.Read More »

We provide industry specific Competence (knowledge+ expertise+ skill) Development Programs to Engineers, Supervisory, Managerial & mid Management staff in manufacturing industry. The course is provided in two levels -- basic & advanced levels.

The objective of the training program is to provide materials, manufacturing process, quality assurance, complaint resolution, R & D and related knowledge, expertise & skill to manufacturing personnel and help them perform better and take informed decisions and thereby address quality issues, increase productivity and reduce cost.

We specialize in assessment, modification, improvisation, adaptation, proving & documentation of processes and support companies in transfer of technologies -- make technology transfer between donor and recipient companies complete, effective, faster & useful (to make it tailor- made to meet the application needs)